Joey Bishop Show - The Complete Series Now Available

Great news for classic TV fans as SFM Entertainment has announced the release of The Joey Bishop Show - The Complete Series. The MOD release, a 15-disc, has a street date of today retails for $97.99. 

Only season two had been previously released by Questar and that was back in 2005. It has long been since out of print.

Individual seasons are also available for $34.95 retail.

Starring Joey Bishop, the comic genius behind the ratpack. This sitcom is about the fictional host of a TV talk show originating in New York. Each episode deals with events in his personal and professional life as a celebrity.

The characters include Joey Barnes: a night club comedian and host of the Joey Barnes Show, a talk show. Ellie Barnes: his wife Freddy: Joeys agent/writer/manager in the first season Larry Corbett: Joeys new agent/writer/manager in the second season. Hilda: Joeys maid, who says she dislikes his TV show even though she doesnt, but would never tell him.