WATCH 2 Episodes for FREE: Public Defender Preview Weekend

Public Defender - The Official Second Season hits the streets this Tuesday, August 13th, and ClassicFlix is hosting a FREE preview weekend of two episodes from season 2 over at our YouTube channel to commemorate this special release.

The episode entitled "Cornered" stars Charles Bronson (The Magnificent Seven) and Kenneth Tobey (The Thing from Another World) and features Frankie Darro (Wild Boys of the Road).

The other episode (Road to Nowhere) also stars Kenneth Tobey, as well as the late Allene Roberts (The Red House) who passed away in May, and features Chris Drake (Them!) and Esther Dale (The Awful Truth). More information about the episodes are below.

Don't miss this special one-time event which starts at noon today and ends at midnight this Sunday.

ROAD TO NOWHERE – Original airdate: September 13th, 1954
After his partner and best friend is run over and killed in the line of duty, a highway patrol officer has a difficult time separating feelings from facts. Cast: Kenneth Tobey, Allene Roberts, Chris Drake, Esther Dale, John Harmon, Tom Dugan. Dir. by Erle C. Kenton.

CORNERED – Original airdate: March 24th, 1955
A boxer and ex-con breaks probation and decides to call Bart Matthews and turn himself in so he can “stop running”. Cast: Charles Bronson, Kenneth Tobey, Frankie Darro, Lillian Buyeff, Tom E. Jackson, Jack Kruschen, Stanley Clements, Jan Shepard, George Neise. Dir. by Harve Foster.