Hal Roach Streamliners, Vol. 3 Trailer - The Taxi Comedies

Now available from ClassicFlix, and making their home video debut, are all three Hal Roach “Taxi” streamliners starring William Bendix (The Life of Riley)—with each film culled from original studio masters!

Below is a custom trailer we've cut for The Complete Hal Roach Streamliners Collection, Volume 3 (The Taxi Comedies) which just streeted on June 30th.

Soon to become a familiar face at Paramount Pictures in features like The Glass Key, virtual unknown William Bendix was cast to star as Brooklyn cabbie Tim McGuerin in a trio of streamliner comedies starting with 1942s Brooklyn Orchid. His co-star, Joe Sawyer, playing pal Eddie Corbett in Orchid as well as in The McGuerins from Brooklyn (1942) and Taxi, Mister (1943), was an easy choice for Roach as Sawyer was already on the lot appearing alongside William Tracy in a series of successful streamliner service comedies.

Joining Bendix and Sawyer in all three films, and holding her own, is the delightful Grace Bradley (as Mrs. McGuerin), who was perhaps best known offscreen as the wife of moviedom’s “Hopalong Cassidy,” William Boyd.