SILVER SERIES: Crystal Ball, Duke of West Point in June

More previously unreleased classics are coming out of the vaults this June 15th with our announcement of The Crystal Ball (1943) starring Ray Milland and Paulette Goddard and The Duke of West Point (1938) starring Louis Hayward and Joan Fontaine.

These two rare films mark the 12th and 13th releases in our Silver Series line.

More on the films below.

About the Silver Series line:

Knowing so many unseen and longed-for classics sit in studio vaults and other archives collecting dust, ClassicFlix established the Silver Series line to shine the light of day on such lesser-known titles by making them available in affordable DVD editions.

For the first time on home video comes a delightful romantic comedy about a fake medium who uses her "powers" to land the man of her dreams.

After placing second in a beauty contest she had hoped to win, penniless Toni Gerard (Paulette Goddard) finds herself homeless and alone in New York City, with no bus ticket back home to Highwater, Texas. Wanting to divine her future, she asks advice from fortune-teller Madame Zenobia, who quickly gets her a job shilling for a shooting gallery next door.

While performing her duties, Toni becomes smitten with handsome attorney Brad Cavanaugh (Ray Milland) whom she eyes while he is escorting girlfriend Jo Ainsley (Virginia Field) on her way to an appointment with the clairvoyant. Soon after, Toni is asked to impersonate the soothsayer when the medium injures herself in a fall. This not only allows the Texan to scotch the budding romance between Brad and Jo, but also allows Toni some creative ways to get the attention of the man she adores.

Director Elliott Nugent, having helmed two previous comedic forays with Paramount starlet Paulette Goddard (the Bob Hope vehicles The Cat and the Canary and Nothing but the Truth), finished the hat trick with 1943's The Crystal Ball—which also reunited Goddard with her fellow stablemate Ray Milland (they made a total of four features as leading man and lady, including Reap the Wild Wind and Kitty).

Produced by Paramount but sold to United Artists, The Crystal Ball features solid supporting performances from Gladys George as the scheming Zenobia, Cecil Kellaway as a philosophical shooting gallery proprietor, and William Bendix as Milland's trusty valet. Ernest Truex, Iris Adrian, Fay Helm, Nestor Paiva, Sig Arno, Hillary Brooke and Mary Field also make essential contributions to the onscreen fun.

With duty, honor, tradition, and a little romance thrown in for good measure, ClassicFlix is pleased to present the DVD debut of The Duke of West Point (1938).

After an impressive showing on and off the field while attending Cambridge, Steve Early (Louis Hayward), the son of an American military attache in London, dutifully accepts a commission to attend West Point where five previous generations of Early’s have made their mark. Soon after arriving at the Academy, Steve’s confidence and manner earns him the derisive nickname "The Duke", so dubbed by his classmates who view the plebe as arrogant and entitled.

Not to be deterred, Steve devotes himself to his studies and athletics, while budgeting time for Ann Porter (Joan Fontaine), who's become the object of his affection despite the presence of a cadet rival (Alan Curtis). All appears to be going well for Steve until he violates the honor code in order to secretly help a financially struggling fellow plebe stay at "The Point" -- an untold good deed which results in his being shunned by the rest of his class.

Directed by Alfred E. Green, The Duke of West Point was independently produced by Edward Small, a prolific filmmaker who would later supervise such classics as The Man in the Iron Mask (1939) and The Son of Monte Cristo (1940) - both of which star Louis Hayward.

Duke also features solid early acting showcases by Joan Fontaine and Richard Carlson, and also features Tom Brown, Jonathan Hale, Charles D. Brown, Jed Prouty, Marjorie Gateson, Emma Dunn, Don "Red" Barry and James Flavin.