UPDATE: The Little Rascals - The ClassicFlix Restorations, Vol. 1

Today's update brings the great news that restorations on all 11 shorts in Volume 1 are in the can and being prepped for Blu-ray replication.

With restorations complete, we now plan to share more clips from Volume 1 leading up to its release date.

Below is our first such comparison (of BEAR SHOOTERS) which displays what the current DVD looks like, what the raw scan looked like and what our newly completed restoration looks like.

I know it may seem hard to believe, but YES, the Our Gang shorts CAN and DO look this good. Quality does vary from short to short, based on available film elements, but as can be seen in the video, the upgrade here (as will be on all the shorts) is significant.

And as dirty and scratched up as the raw scan on this short looks, the film elements used were one of the cleanest and least problematic of the 11 to be included in Volume 1 and is also one of the sharpest.

In other news, while the restorations for Volume 1 have been completed, the extra time involved required us to push the release date back to June 1st. Orders placed for Volume 1 at will likely ship earlier than June 1st as we expect stock around May 24th.

Thank you again for your support of Volume 1 and Volume 2. An announcement on Volume 3 is likely in the next 30 days.