O. Henry, Vol. 2 - Christmas by Injunction Clip

With an official street date of March 22nd, The O. Henry Playhouse - The Complete Series, Vol. 2 is now in house and shipping!

The long lost television anthology series stars Academy Award-winner Thomas Mitchell and spotlights the works of one of America's most beloved short story authors. Dozens of well-known guest stars appear in Volume 2's 13 engrossing episodes such as Chuck Connors, Richard Arlen, Claude Akins, Susan Morrow, Preston Foster and Leo Gordon.

Below is a clip from the episode Christmas by Injunction which stars John Doucette and the late Tommy Kirk.

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Now available for the first time on DVD from ClassicFlix—a long lost television anthology series spotlighting the works of one of America's most beloved short story authors!

William Sydney Porter, better known by his pen name O. Henry, is celebrated the world over for his humorous writing style which is also noted for its surprise endings. His works include such classics as "The Duplicity of Hargraves" and "The Cop and the Anthem”; and he was also the creator of The Cisco Kid!

Executive producers Jack J. Gross and Philip N. Krasne (Mayor of the Town) brought O. Henry's prolific output to TV screens in 1957 with The O. Henry Playhouse. Academy Award-winning actor Thomas Mitchell (Stagecoach) portrays writer O. Henry himself in each episode as he describes his current story-in-progress to his publisher and others he interacts with.

Directed by such Hollywood veterans as Bernard Girard and George Waggner, The O. Henry Playhouse - The Complete Series, Vol. 2 contains thirteen half-hour episodes that shine the spotlight on such timeless tales as "One Dollar's Worth" and "Christmas by Injunction"; and also features a glittering array of movie and TV stars in Chuck Connors, Claude Akins, Tommy Kirk, Susan Morrow, Preston Foster, Leo Gordon, Morris Ankrum, Jeanne Bates, Whitney Blake, Stanley Clements, John Doucette, Ross Elliott, Jack Mulhall, Frank Jenks, Mary Field, Dave O'Brien, Simon Oakland, William Schallert, Les Tremayne, Minerva Urecal, Gloria Henry, Grant Withers and Richard Arlen.