NEWSLETTER #1: Our Gang Silents on TCM, Hopalong Cassidy, O. Henry & More

We get a lot of questions regarding all things related to our label. As such, we've decided to start a newsletter to be posted on a regular basis. We plan to inform on all things happening at ClassicFlix, including upcoming releases and projects, frequent catalog questions, sneak peaks and exclusive clips, and much more.

ClassicFlix Newsletter - Volume 1, Issue 1


We're in the middle of a project to scan, restore and release on Blu-ray and DVD as many of the 88 Our Gang (Little Rascal) silent film shorts which survive. We've have completed three restorations of the silents which will be included as bonus features in our upcoming The Little Rascals - The Complete Collection (Centennial Edition).

Today, however, is National Silent Movie Day and Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is celebrating by playing 24 hours of silent films. Included in the lineup are 2 of the 3 Our Gang silent films we've restored: The Big Show and Dogs of War! (both 1923). If you have TCM get on over and preview our restorations. You can also see a clip of The Big Show below.


We have several major projects underway, the largest at the moment is restoration of all 66 Hopalong Cassidy feature films. There are many challenges with the material, but the biggest is that 35mm elements don't survive on every film.

The first three films in the series are Hop-a-long Cassidy, The Eagle's Brood and Bar 20 Rides Again (all 1935). While we were able to scan 35mm elements on Hop-a-long and Rides Again, the only surviving 35mm material extant on Brood is reel 4. To continue with the project, we'll either be using available 16mm material to complete this film or will need a collector or archive to come forward with 35mm.

We've exhausted our search at this point for 35mm material on Brood so we'd like to make this post an open invitation for anyone with 35mm elements on the film to please contact us.

Below is a sample of raw scans of the first 3 films scanned from 35mm.


O. Henry, Volume 3
The final 13 episodes of the series have been scanned. The release will be announced soon with a likely February street date. Also, Volume 2 is currently on back order, but we should have them in stock mid to late October.

For those interested in learning more about the series, you can find great information about it at

Blondie Films, Laurel and Hardy
The most frequent question we get is to release the 28 Blondie feature films made at Columbia. We have been trying for years to license them, but the rights holder has no interest in pursuing a deal. Wish we had better news on it...

We also get a lot of questions on Laurel and Hardy. We do not hold the rights to the sound or silent films and restoring them isn't in the cards for us.

OOP Rascals
Yes, all the out of print (OOP) individual Little Rascal volumes will eventually be available again. Volumes 3 - 5 will be available in October with the other volumes likely available early next year.