NEWSLETTER #3: Mickey McGuire, The Rascals Bonus Disc and More

ClassicFlix Newsletter - Volume 1, Issue 3


The Little Rascals - Bonus Disc only
We're starting off with FAQs today as we're getting especially inundated with questions regarding The Little Rascals Bonus Disc which is out of stock. Intended to only be available for a limited time (3 - 6 months) after the November 15th street date, we ran out much sooner than expected as stronger sales caused the item to go out of stock just two days after the release.

We are not sure at this point if we are going to re-press more of the stand alone Bonus Disc, but if we do it won't be until at least spring time next year.

The Little Rascals - The ClassicFlix Restorations, Volume 6
We also get a lot of questions regarding Volume 6. It is out of stock, but not out of print and we will be re-pressing more and expect to have stock sometime in January or February.

The Abbott and Costello Show - Season 2
Thank you to all who supported the crowdfund for Season 2. For those who did, no definite ship date has been set, but hopefully it will be shipping some time in the summer. A wide, general retail street date will likely come in the fall. Season 1 is available and currently on sale.

Most people know Mickey Rooney only as the multi-talented superstar of the 30s and 40s, but before he made headlines for MGM he starred in his own film series known as Mickey Mcguire. The popular 2-reel comedy series ran spanned 78 shorts (1927 - 1934) and was based on the well-known Toonerville Folks comic strip.

Today we are pleased to announce that we are in the initial stages of a new project to restore and release as many McGuire shorts as possible. We have not decided at this point whether they will be on Blu-ray and DVD or just DVD. Timeline is likely late summer to fall of next year for the first release.

Check out the clip below from the silent Mickey's Great Idea (1929). The raw scan is from 35mm film and will look very nice when cleaned up.

Our annual Winter Blowout Sale continues through December 31st with Blu-rays up to 60% off and DVDs over 70% off.

If you haven't yet purchased our Centennial Collection where the 1925 silent Our Gang short Mary, Queen of Tots is a bonus feature, or you have but haven't watched it yet, you may want to tune in to Ben Model's "Silent Comedy Watch Party" on Sunday, December 11th at 3pm EST where he'll be accompanying Tots live during his monthly show on YouTube.

Ben is one of the nation’s leading silent film accompanists and also recorded the score for Tots on our Centennial Collection. Find out more about Ben and the "Silent Comedy Watch Party" here.

Lots of great reviews on recent releases, but we'll just mention two that you may want to check out.

Jeffrey Kauffmann at raves about The Little Rascals - The Complete Collection (Centennial Edition), highly recommending it and claiming it an "absolutely first rate collection".

Heath Holland on his Cereal at Midnight channel declares our 4KUHD/BD/3DBD release of I, The Jury (1953) "Absolutely beautiful" in an in-depth review of our Special Limited Edition.

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