NEWSLETTER #5: Meet John Doe, Hopalong Cassidy and More

ClassicFlix Newsletter - Volume 2, Issue 2


The big news today is we've started a 4K restoration of Frank Capra's timeless forgotten man drama Meet John Doe (1941) starring Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck. Release date on both 4KUHD and Blu-ray is likely this fall.

Below is a "restoration in progress" clip from a recent 4K scan.


Our Anniversary Sale is now live and concludes on April 16th. Discounts of over 60% off and more with flat shipping at only $3.99.

I, The Jury (1953) and The Little Rascals - The Complete Collection (Centennial Edition) are on sale for the first time.

>>NOTE: Later this spring the retail price of The Little Rascals - The Complete Collection (Centennial Edition) Blu-ray will be increasing to $149.99 and Public Defender - The Official Complete Series will be increasing to $69.99 so pick them up at these low, low prices while you can!


Below is the sneak peek at the final artwork for Volume 1 of our upcoming Hopalong Cassidy release. Street date and additional specs likely to be announced next month.


We have several titles that are low in inventory. They are:


Life With Father
We've received a lot of questions regarding Life With Father and why it isn't receiving a Blu-ray release. It's not a new scan or restoration so it won't be on Blu-ray. It's an old master that looks very nice and probably is the best around, but does have some inherent flaws.

The Little Rascals - The Silent Years
Yes, we are working on the silent Our Gang (Little Rascal) shorts, but it is a very tall order and will take time to release each volume. Most shorts are not readily available in complete form so tracking down the best elements, and doing the detective work to make sure each short is either complete or as complete as can be is a very time consuming process.

We have scanned over 55 of the surviving 88 silent Our Gang shorts to date and we continue to look for better material for at least half of the 55, plus additional material to fill in gaps of missing footage from the scans we already have.

We expect a late summer/early fall release of Volume 1.

The Abbott and Costello Show - Season 2
Thank you to all who supported the crowdfund for Season 2. For those who did, no definite ship date has been set, but hopefully it will be shipping some time in the summer. A wide, general retail street date will likely come in the fall. Season 1 is available now though—and on sale for only $24.98!