Loretta Young's Cause for Alarm! Restored and Coming to Blu-ray

Loretta Young stars in Cause for Alarm! (1951) making its Blu-ray debut this November 28th from ClassicFlix.

The pulse-pounding, edge-of-your-seat thriller co-stars Barry Sullivan and Bruce Cowling, and features Irving Bacon, Margalo Gillmore and Art Baker.

Also available on DVD. See below for more details.

NOTES ON THE RESTORATION: Previously only available in less than stellar presentations, Alarm has been carefully restored by ClassicFlix. The 35mm dupe negative scanned for the film was sharp and generally in very good condition, however, it did suffer from severe warping and damage in some sections which was largely mitigated. The dupe neg was also missing several extended sections for which 35mm and 16mm prints were substituted to make a complete film.

Newly restored and making its Blu-ray debut from ClassicFlix—Loretta Young stars in the pulse-pounding, edge-of-your-seat thriller Cause for Alarm! (1951).

Married after a whirlwind courtship during World War II, suburban housewife Ellen Jones (Young) copes with the fact that her husband George (Barry Sullivan) is now a bedridden invalid. Increasingly paranoid and quick to anger, George is convinced that Ellen is having an affair with their old friend (and George’s physician), Dr. Ranney Grahame (Bruce Cowling).

Afraid for his life and certain that Ellen and Ranney are conspiring to kill him by overdosing his medication, George composes a letter to the local district attorney requesting an investigation in the event of his untimely death. Ellen later unwittingly mails the letter, but upon learning of its contents shortly before George dies of natural causes, she goes to every length possible to retrieve the incriminating note!

Loretta Young gives a sensational performance in Cause for Alarm! as a woman trapped in a desperate situation, with taut direction courtesy of Tay Garnett (The Postman Always Rings Twice), and a memorable musical score by composer André Previn (My Fair Lady) who was only twenty-one at the time.

Co-written and produced by Young’s then-husband Tom Lewis, who would also later produce his wife’s long-running television series “The Loretta Young Show”Alarm co-stars Barry Sullivan and Bruce Cowling, and features Irving Bacon, Margalo Gillmore and Art Baker.


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