NEWSLETTER #8: Angel TV Series, Aesop's Fables and More!

ClassicFlix Newsletter - Volume 2, Issue 5


Largely unseen for over 60 years, we're happy to announce the acquisition of the classic television sitcom Angel (1960-61). Created and produced by Jess Oppenheimer, who was also the creator and producer of the iconic sitcom I Love Lucy, Angel stars Marshall Thompson (Daktari, World of Giants) and newcomer Annie Farge.

The single season series ran 33 episodes and features regulars Doris Singleton and Don Keefer, and is loaded with guest stars including James Garner, Mel Blanc, Gale Gordon, George Tobias, Joseph Kearns, Minerva Urecal, Lyle Talbot, Howard McNear, Jesse White, Tommy Kirk, Mary Wickes, Joe Besser and many, many more.

We'll be releasing the series in three-11 episode volumes (likely DVD only) as part of our Rare Television line and expect to have the first volume out by spring 2024.

Below you can view two quick clips (raw scans) from the series. The 35mm film is in very good shape and will look even better when restored.


Last month, via our email newsletter, we announced our partnership with new label Cartoon Logic who has started a crowdfund campaign to release some early animation on Blu-ray and DVD. Today, we're pleased to announce that the campaign has reached its goal, but with 14 days left there is still time to back the project and pre-order your copy of Aesop's Fables - The 1920s, Vol. 1.

Also, there is a new "stretch goal" that has been added which, if reached, will add 5 more cartoons to the release—so don't hesitate and back the campaign (or add to your prior pledge) today!

More information about the project and our partnership with Cartoon Logic can also be seen on the crowdfund main page.


Due to production and replication delays, we have pushed dates back for some upcoming releases.

The official street date for the science fiction-espionage TV series World of Giants is now November 7th. The DVD will likely be in house next week, but the Blu-ray isn't expected for at least two weeks. As usual, for those who have purchased this release at, shipments will occur well prior to the revised street date.

We have also tentatively pushed back Our Town (1940) to November 28th and Cause for Alarm (1951) to December 12th, and will know in the next week or so if their respective revised dates are solid.

We do not expect delays with The Complete Hal Roach Streamliners Collection.


We have several titles that are low in inventory or out of print. They are:


Abbott and Costello - Season 2
The episode masters for Season 2 are complete and we expect to have the set shipped out to backers of the crowdfund campaign in the next 6 - 8 weeks. Wide retail for the release will be announced very soon. 

Silent Little Rascals
Our restoration work on silent Our Gang (Little Rascal) shorts continue and we expect to make an announcement in November/December with a February/March street date for Volume 1.

Scans on over 60 silent Our Gang shorts (of the surviving 88) have been performed to date and we continue to look for additional material to fill in gaps of missing footage from the scans we already have.

Meet John Doe
Our 4K restoration of this beloved Frank Capra classic is on going and we expect a spring time street date.

Other Upcoming Releases
We have a full release calendar for 2024—including many unannounced titles—but do frequently get questions on ones we've already announced. Regarding those (below), as of now, we expect late spring/early summer 2024 street dates.

  • Hopalong Cassidy - The Legacy Collection, Volume 1
  • Mickey McGuire Silent Collection
  • The Proud Rebel (1958)