Our 5th Anniversary Sale Starts Today!

Five years ago today, March 28, 2017, our label was born with the release of Another Man's Poison (1951) starring Bette Davis and Gary Merrill.

Now, over 50 releases later, we're celebrating our anniversary with a special sale on all of our catalog titles. You'll find savings of at least 50% on most releases, with many others discounted even more. 

Several recent titles are on sale for the first time including:

Also on sale are ten titles we licensed from MGM which are now out of print as they have not been renewed. We have a limited time to sell off all the remaining MGM stock.

The 10 titles are:

Also, because our John Alton Film Collection contains He Walked by Night, it too is out of print.

Stock on each title varies, but Blu-ray's for The Noose Hangs High and the John Alton Film Collection are the lowest and likely won't last long. DVDs for Alton, Killer & Steps are already gone.

Below are custom trailers we cut on some of the above titles.