NEWSLETTER #4: Our Town, O. Henry, Volume 3 & Rascals Bonus Disc

ClassicFlix Newsletter - Volume 2, Issue 1

Officially out on February 21st, The O. Henry Playhouse, Volume 3 has started shipping for those who have purchased the set at Don't miss your chance to own the final installment of this very unique and compelling anthology series.

We've also posted a new clip from the release featuring Marsha Hunt and Phillip Reed which you can see below.

From O. Henry, which stars Oscar-winner Thomas Mitchell, we segue to a long-neglected film co-starring Mitchell: Our Town (1940).

Long available in only hard-to-view, muddy, 3rd and 4th generation prints, we have begun restoration on Thornton Wilder's beloved Pulizter Prize-winning play from a fairly decent 35mm fine grain and plan to release it on Blu-ray and DVD later this year. Co-starring with Mitchell is a young William Holden as well as Martha Scott, Beulah Bondi, Fay Bainter, Guy Kibbee, Stuart Erwin and Frank Craven.

The fine grain elements have baked-in issues like persistant scratching, staining, warping and instability, but when cleaned up will look very nice. Check out the clip below of the raw scan to get a glimpse of the image quality.


The Little Rascals - Centennial Bonus Disc only
Last November we pressed a limited amount of our Little Rascals Bonus Disc and planned to have it in stock for 3 - 6 months. Instead, it was sold out within a week. We have now started pre-orders for the disc which will be in stock and ship on or around April 18th.

PLEASE NOTE: Unlike the first run last year, it will not come with a separate, empty 6-disc case, but only the bonus disc housed in its own single disc case.

The Little Rascals - The ClassicFlix Restorations, Volume 6
Last year we ran out of Volume 6 of our Little Rascals series, but it is now in stock and available for purchase.

The Little Rascals - The Silent Years
Yes, we are working on the silent Our Gang (Little Rascal) shorts, but it is a very tall order and will take time to release each volume. Most shorts are not readily available in complete form so tracking down the best elements, and doing the detective work to make sure each short is either complete or as complete as can be is a very time consuming process.

We have scanned over 55 of the surviving 88 silent Our Gang shorts to date and we continue to look for better material for at least half of the 55, plus additional material to fill in gaps of missing footage from the scans we already have.

We hope for a summertime release of Volume 1, but it may not occur until the fall.

The Abbott and Costello Show - Season 2
Thank you to all who supported the crowdfund for Season 2. For those who did, no definite ship date has been set, but hopefully it will be shipping some time in the summer. A wide, general retail street date will likely come in the fall. Season 1 is available now though.

Next Sale
Lastly, we have received a lot of questions about our next sale. Our Anniversary Sale starts at the end of March and usually lasts until the end of April.

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