NEWSLETTER #6: World of Giants, Silent Rascals & More

ClassicFlix Newsletter - Volume 2, Issue 3


We're pleased to report that we have acquired the 1959 science fiction television series World of Giants. Scanned from 16mm prints, the material is sharp and in relatively good shape and we expect to release the complete 13 episode series on both Blu-ray and DVD (as part of our Rare Television line).

Starring Marshall Thompson and Arthur Franz, WOG boasts high production values, numerous top-notch guest stars and has several episodes helmed by luminary sci-fi directors such as Nathan Juran (20 Million Miles to Earth), Jack Arnold (Creature from the Black Lagoon) and Byron Haskin (The War of the Worlds).

We expect to make an official pre-order announcement soon, but check out some clips below in the meantime.

"Restoration in progress" of the episode entitled "Chemical Story" with guest stars Peggie Castle and Gavin MacLeod.

Raw scan from first episode entitled "Special Agent".


We're getting closer to completing the restorations of the silent Little Rascal (Our Gang) shorts to be contained in our upcoming first volume. Scans on over 60 silent Our Gang shorts (of the surviving 88) have been performed to date and we continue to look for additional material to fill in gaps of missing footage from the scans we already have.

We hope to announce the release soon with a likely late summer/early fall 2023 street date, but below we're glad to share a sneak peek at the cover art for Volume 1.

You can check out a recent raw scan clip we posted of the later silent short Cat, Dog & Co. (1929) below, as well as view various silent Rascal clips we've posted over the last year here.


Hi Diddle Diddle
Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have pushed back the street date for the screwball comedy Hi Diddle Diddle (1943). The new street date is June 13th, but Diddle will likely ship a week or two early for those who have purchased their copies at

Trade Winds
For those who purchased your copies of Trade Winds (1938) on our site, replacements for the previously defective discs went out several weeks ago and you should have received them by now.

Hopalong Cassidy
The release date for our first volume of restored Hopalong Cassidy films has been pushed back a bit to late summer/early fall.

Abbott and Costello - Season 2
Thank you to all who supported the crowdfund for Season 2. For those who did, no definite ship date has been set, but hopefully it will be shipping some time in late summer. A wide, general retail street date will likely come in the fall.

Laurel and Hardy - The Silent Shorts
While not directly related to our label, we do get a lot of questions regarding restoring both the sound and silent shorts and features of Laurel and Hardy given our restorations of fellow Hal Roach alums Our Gang (The Little Rascals).

While we've made no plans to give "The Boys" the ClassicFlix treatment, we're glad to report that Flicker Alley has stepped up and just announced "Laurel & Hardy: Year One - The Newly Restored 1927 Silents".

Support of physical media, especially when released by smaller labels, is important to keeping the medium alive so please support Flicker's release by purchasing directly at their website here.