MGM Titles Now Out of Print, Raw Deal Coming Back

MGM Titles:

Ten titles that ClassicFlix licensed from MGM in 2017 will not be renewed and are now out of print. We do, however, have a limited time to sell off all the remaining stock.

Our yearly Anniversary Sale begins next week and all titles listed below will be discounted. Depending on how many units are left, we may have a last clearance sale down the road specifically for MGM titles.

The 10 titles are:

Also, because our John Alton Film Collection contains He Walked by Night, it too is out of print.

Stock on each title varies, but Blu-ray's for The Noose Hangs High and the John Alton Film Collection are the lowest and likely won't last long. DVDs for Alton, Killer & Steps are already gone.

Raw Deal:

Good news regarding Raw Deal (1948) as we were able to renew our agreement on this essential film noir.

Currently only available in the John Alton Film Noir Collection, we will release it at a later date either as a bare bones stand alone or as a re-press of our out of print special edition.

Regarding a possible re-press, like special editions for T-Men (1947) and He Walked by Night, we had originally expected to replicate 5,000 units on Raw Deal back in 2018, but we only pressed 2,500. We did not expect to repress the special edition due to customer demand and a limited license window. Now that it has been renewed, we may bring back between 500-1000 units which should carry us through to the end of the license period.

Below are custom trailers we cut on some of the above titles.